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About us

Flocess is a young technology company specialized on pillow-plate heat transfer equipment. We realized early on that the pillow-plate market is suffering from lack of reliable and standardized calculation methods. Therefore, we developed the first advanced design software for pillow-plate heat transfer equipment. Our software is the key to enabling the pillow-plate market and accelerating growth. The knowhow in our design software is based on extensive research and development performed using advanced computational fluid dynamics methods and experimental procedures. Flocess goal is to provide the leading design tool for pillow-plate heat exchangers on the market and make it to the world standard. Our vision is to save together with our partners, millions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions through optimal equipment design.


We are developing a unique tool for the accurate design, verification and simulation of pillow-plate equipment. The calculation methods embedded in our software are based on years of focused research & development on pillow-plate heat exchangers and pillow-plate jacketed tanks involving advanced CFD analysis and experimental work. WASPP is continuously evolving to cover the ever-expanding applications of pillow plates.



Consulting you effectively with our expertise in simulation-driven product design and heat transfer technology.

Services: Pillow-plate heat exchanger design and rating, Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis, process analysis, design and optimization and thermal management.


  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

  • Heat exchanger analysis and design

  • Pillow-plate jacketed tanks and heat exchangers

  • Thermal management (e.g. electronics cooling)

  • Process analysis, design & optimizition

Industry sectors

  • Chemical, pharmaceutical, energy

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Electronics

Partners and Supporters