About us

Flocess is a young technology company specialized on pillow-plate heat transfer equipment. We realized early on that the pillow-plate market is suffering from lack of standardized calculation methods. Therefore, we developed the first design and verification software for pillow-plate heat transfer equipment. We believe that our software is key to enabling the pillow-plate market and accelerating growth. The knowhow in our design tool is based on extensive research and development performed using advanced computational fluid dynamics methods and experimental procedures. Flocess goal is to provide the leading design software for pillow-plate heat exchangers on the market and to make it to the industry standard thus enabling pillow plates world wide.


Dr. Mark Piper

Dr. Ing. Mark Piper is an expert in heat transfer, fluid dynamics and pillow-plate heat exchangers. He studied energy and process engineering at the Technical University of Berlin, Germany. He then proceeded with PhD studies as a research assistant at the Chair of Fluid Process Engineering of Paderborn University, Germany, where he recieved his doctoral degree for his research on fluid dynamics and heat transfer in pillow-plate equipment. Since 2018 he is the CEO of Flocess GmbH.


Prof. Dr. -Ing. Numrich

Prof. Numrich is an expert in heat transfer equipment and process design with over 25 years of experience in industry.

He teaches chemical plant and equipment engineering at Paderborn University, Germany, and is the author of the chapter "Condensation" in the VDI Heat Atlas. He is the head of the conference - Sewage Sludge Treatment - of the VDI Wissensforum and works as a consultant in energy and process technology with his company Prof. Numrich-Gesellschaft für Energie- und Verfahrenstechnik mbH. (www.numrich-gev.de).


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Book chapter

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